Bonnet Scoop VK Class A - Suits Holden, Reverse Cowl Fibreglass



This bonnet scoop is made to suit the VK Class A, but it can be used as a universal scoop for any bonnet. Bolts are not supplied with this scoop.

Dimensions are: 105cm x 65cm x 7cm (with 5cm clearance)

It is made from quality fibreglass and comes in a matt black primer gelcoat finish. It will require sanding before you paint it.

Please contact us if you have any questions, we are happy to help.

Freight Prices

VIC $24.00
TAS $35.00
SA $30.00
NSW $31.00
ACT $31.00
NT $63.00
QLD $41.00
WA $55.00
NZ $84.00